Battle of Spotsylvania 140th Anniversary Reenactment
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  1. Panorama of the Site
  2. Confederate Artillery Camp
  3. Mountain Howitzer
  4. General Ulysses S. Grant
  5. “Mule Shoe” Trenches
  6. Historical Education
  7. Pioneers
  8. Reenactors in the Earthworks
  9. Confederate Sentry
  10. Shelter in the Trenches
  11. A “Traverse”
  12. Weary Rebel Soldier
  13. Greg Mertz Lecturing
  14. Union Artillery Forming for Battle
  15. Union Infantry Waiting for Orders
  16. Start of the May 10, 1864 Battle
  17. The Skirmish Line’s Advance
  18. The Union Assault
  19. Federal Artillery Moves Up
  20. Smoke Ring from Cannon Fire
  21. The Union Forces Withdraw
  22. Confederate Trenches and Abatis
  23. Marching Confederate Troops
  24. Rebels on the March
  25. Confederate Infantry Moves Out
  26. Robert E. Lee
  27. Cooking Dinner
  28. Boiling “Coffee”
  29. Confederate Artillery Park
  30. Resting After the Battle
  31. Mending the Uniform
  32. The Evening Campfire
  33. Keeping An Eye on the Yankees
  34. Robert Lee Hodge
  35. The Bloody Angle--May 12, 1864
  36. Union Artillery Shell Burst
  37. Wounded Soldier Leaving the Field
  38. Generals Meade and Grant
  39. General Ulysses S. Grant
  40. Filming the Reenactment
  41. Re-Positioning the Guns
  42. Artillery Fire
  43. Confederate Artillery Battery
  44. Artillery Demonstration
  45. Rob Hodge Filming
  46. Ed Bearss
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